CableCAD brings computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) to the cable, wire rope and flexible pipe industries. Running under Microsoft® Windows®, CableCAD is specialized design software for laying out cable geometry and performing structural analysis to assess cable performance.

It is difficult to model complex helical structures using general purpose CAD and FEA software. CableCAD simplifies this task by building models using standard cable components and terminology. Finite element mesh generation is automatic. Models of cable, wire rope and flexible pipe can be created and analyzed quickly and easily. The speed and versatility of this unique cable design software is sure to reduce your design time and lower your design costs.

The best way to learn about CableCAD's capabilities is to watch our overview presentation. (Adobe Flash Player required.) After that, go to the Demo page to learn more about how the program operates or to see our new features in action.

Take your cables to the limit

Cable Testing Now Available

  • Tension only
  • Tension-Twist
  • Cyclical tension

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