Model Examples
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ACSR Cable

Umbilical Cable

Power Cable

Wire Rope

Flexible Pipe

Finite Element Modeler

Finally! CableCAD brings finite element analysis to the cable industry.  With the finite element modeler, you will be able to model cables more accurately and view analysis results in greater detail than ever before.  Both symmetrical and asymmetrical geometries and loads can be modeled, and as the figures show, a wide range of cable constructions can be modeled.

You do not need to be an expert in finite element analysis.  Just define the cable geometry with the program's powerful preprocessor, select materials from a library, and specify the loads and boundary conditions.  The program will produce the finite element model automatically and create a permanent output file of all analysis results such as stress and deformation values.  Interpreting the analysis results is facilitated by viewing contour and deformation plots, and graphs of cable behavior versus applied loads.

If you have ever attempted to model a cable using a general purpose finite element program, you will appreciate the simplicity and speed at which your model can be completed using CableCAD.

Layer Element Modeler

For symmetrical geometry and loading, the layer element modeler permits helical wire and cylindrical layers to be combined arbitrarily.  The layer element modeler runs faster and can provide sufficiently accurate analysis results for simpler cable constructions.


The preprocessor is a productive tool that allows you to work interactively with CableCAD and view progress in creating a new cable model.  The graphics program assists you in placing individual cable components by a drag and drop operation or in specifying an entire layer of components.  The cable is drawn to scale and components are displayed in their true shape.  An exact wire coverage formula is used to ensure that wires fit properly in a layer.  Creating a cable model is intuitive, simple and fast.

Material Library

A library of properties of materials commonly used in cable construction is provided with the program.  These properties  can be modified and new materials added as needed.

Strand Library

The geometrical and structural properties of any cable, rope or pipe model can be stored in the strand library and later recalled for inclusion in a new cable model.  In this way, double and triple helical cable structures can be created.

Units and Data Conversion

You can input data and review output in any of three measurement systems including U.S. Customary, Metric and SI.  A convenient feature is the ability to change units anytime during a data input session.  Whether entering data or viewing output results, active units are always presented.